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How to set up a community partnership

What is the Community Partnership Scheme?

The BSO strongly believes in high quality and affordable osteopathic healthcare for all.

The Community Partnership Scheme aims to increase awareness of osteopathy and the BSO within the local community,
and to make osteopathic treatment more accessible to members of local business and community organisations.
Members of the scheme benefit from a discounted rate on BSO Clinic appointments for all their members/employees,
providing access to high quality osteopathic care at a rate significantly lower than offered in private practice.

Currently, community partner members will typically pay £19 per appointment, in comparison to the full BSO Clinic fee
of £25, and an industry average of £45.

How does it work?

There is no cost involved for our community partners - we simply ask that partners promote the clinic and the
discount to their members. If partners would like to offer reciprocal deals to BSO students and staff we are very
willing to discuss this.
To join the scheme member organisations must simply sign a partnership agreement which sets out the following:
• who will have access to the discounted rate
• what identification must be provided to claim the discounted rate
• who the point of contact for the partner organisation will be
• the renewal date for the partnership agreement.
Community partners can also opt in to receive our community partners e-newsletter which provides updates on BSO
Clinic news and special offers.
We are also happy to provide promotional materials, osteopathic talks and demonstrations to community partners to
futher promote osteopathy to partner members. If this is something you would be interested in please contact us.

What next?

If you would be interested in finding out more or joining the scheme please contact Jessa Harris, Head of Marketing &
Communications at or on 020 7089 5309.

Current BSO Community Partners

Our current community partners include: