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Recent news and events

Running the marathon!

We are excited to announce that second year M.Ost student, Adele Sharp, will be running the London marathon on behalf of the BSO on Sunday 24 April....(more)

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Fundraising for our clinics - our new look Collection Boxes!

Roll up roll up to see our new look collection boxes – now available to all our supporters....(more)

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Obituary: Brian Joseph

What makes an exceptionally good osteopath? Technical ability? Diagnostic ability? Brian Joseph certainly had these, but there is something else that is important in the therapeutic encounter.....(more)

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A tribute to John Lant

It has been my sad responsibility too many times in recent years to report on the deaths of important members of our osteopathic community. Today it is my task to report on the death of John Ogdon Lant...(more)

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A Celebration of OsteoMAP

At last week’s BSO Faculty Development Weekend in Woking, Peter Simpson was pleased to receive this year’s award for ‘Team Impact’ on behalf of the OsteoMAP Team. The Olwen Starr awards were created in 2012, in memory of a much-loved member of the clinic reception staff who spent over 30 years of her ‘retirement’ working for the BSO. They are now an annual event in which individual staff members and team groups are nominated for excellence and providing outstanding services in the preceding academic year. The awards include seven categories for team impact, teaching individual, student support, innovation, customer service, going the extra mile and ‘just because’....(more)

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