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Recent news and events

Specialist Paediatric Osteopathic Practice - An interview with Samantha Fennell

In 2015, the British School of Osteopathy launched a brand new postgraduate qualification designed to give practising osteopaths the knowledge, skills and experience to specialise in working with babies and children. As a growing area of osteopathic practice, the need for osteopaths to develop confidence and expertise in working with children is important. The team at the School had recognised that existing courses focused on a cranial approach to treatment, and wanted to ensure that the new qualification at the BSO would focus on a structural approach....(more)

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The BSO Gets Golfing

For many years, Dr Stephen Sandler, alumnus of the BSO, practising osteopath and published author, has kindly organised the BSO Golf Day on behalf of the School. This year, Stephen has once again taken time out of his busy schedule to organise a fantastic day of golfing to raise money for the BSO’s Research Department. The BSO’s Golf day is a hugely successful annual event that is held in order to raise funds for the School. Such funds will enable the Research Department to continue to work on important projects in support of osteopathy. This in turn will allow us to inform the osteopathic profession on the latest research developments and to encourage evidence based practice and evidence based education in the profession....(more)

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50% off osteopathy appointments!

During our CCA (clinical) exams, new patients - or those who haven't been to the clinic in the last six months - can benefit from half price appointments. It's a great opportunity to try our clinic for the first time, so please spread the word to anyone who might be interested. Our fourth year students are currently preparing for their final clinical exams, and we wish them all good luck. They are well prepared and have worked extremely hard over the course of their M.Ost studies, gaining (for example) solid foundations in anatomy and physiology, as well as the practical skills and experience learned in technique and clinic sessions. CCA exam appointments are available on Weds 27th, Thurs 28th and Fri 29th May, as well as Weds 3rd, Fri 5th, Weds 10th, Thurs 11th and Fri 12th June, although times vary on these days. To check on availability for these limited appointments, please call 020 7089 5360....(more)

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Mindfulness and Osteopathy

The British School of Osteopathy provides an OsteoMAP clinic, which integrates new developments in mindfulness, and acceptance based approaches to pain with ‘hands on’ osteopathic treatment. OsteoMAP is designed to support people with long-term musculoskeletal pain, which may be alleviated but is unlikely to be completely resolved by manual therapy alone. It aims to help people with pain find their own pathways to living a more fulfilling life, despite on-going symptoms. OsteoMAP is based on the ‘third wave’ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approaches currently used in group-based pain management programmes within the NHS. For Mental Health Awareness Week (11th-17th May) we interviewed Senior Osteopathic Lecturer and OsteoMAP Project Manager, Hilary Abbey who answered our questions and gave us a thorough insight into the treatment....(more)

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Over 55s Clinic at Blackfriars - Happy 1st Birthday!

At the BSO, we pride ourselves on providing osteopathy for all. While all our teaching clinics are great value when compared with private practice, we have a range of community-based clinics, which are free for specific groups of patients with particular needs. Two of these community clinics are for older adults. We run an osteopathy clinic on Wednesdays for older people at a local sheltered scheme, Lucy Brown House, every three weeks. Residents receive osteopathic care in their own homes, and this project has been running for over 14 years. More recently we established a new clinic for older people at the Blackfriars Settlement in Southwark every Thursday morning. Teams of BSO tutors and students working in these clinics aim to help relieve the symptoms of a range of musculoskeletal conditions associated with the ageing process - predominantly wear and tear, rheumatic pains and osteoarthritis....(more)

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