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BSO Outreach: 1st Place Parents and Children's Centre, Southwark

The BSO has run a weekly osteopathy clinic for children aged 0-5 years at the 1st Place Parents and Children’s Centre since 2007. The centre is situated near Southwark’s Aylesbury Estate, in an area that has experienced great social disadvantage and exclusion. The first patient of the day comes in and heads straight for a box of toys and books in the corner. He sits on the floor exploring its contents, immediately oblivious to everything else in the room....(more)

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Patient Stories: Maya's pregnancy

When I felt the familiar twinges of pelvic pain in my second pregnancy, I knew exactly what the problem was - SPD or symphisis pubis dysfunction. I also knew I would do anything to avoid the pain and lack of mobility I had experienced first time around, and at least I felt better informed. All the NHS could offer me were crutches, and a referral to a physiotherapist who said he didn’t really want to do anything until after I’d had the baby in case it wasn’t safe! So I had to look for an alternative to the recommendations of months of rest....(more)

'Living Well With Persistent Pain'

The BSO is pleased to announce the start of our new 6 week chronic pain management course called ‘Living Well with Persistent Pain’, which provides additional support for patients already receiving osteopathic treatment in the Clinic. Research has found that people suffering from chronic pain benefit from multidisciplinary healthcare approaches and that self-management programmes can help people to live more fulfilling and active lives, despite ongoing symptoms. Our courses will be run by Lorraine Nanke, a Clinical Health Psychologist who runs similar programmes for the NHS, and Hilary Abbey, an experienced osteopath and Senior Clinic Tutor at the BSO....(more)

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Urgent winter clothing appeal

At the moment the UK is experiencing extremely cold weather, making the streets an even more dangerous place for homeless people by exposing them to an increased risk of hypothermia and other cold weather related conditions....(more)