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Osteopathy for All: 1st Place Children's Centre

Many people believe osteopathy is only suitable for adults. They imagine injured rugby players, older people with joint pain and perhaps officer workers suffering from a ‘bad back’. However, babies and young children can also suffer from various musculo-skeletal conditions....(more)

Supporting local sports clubs

As part of our ongoing commitment to widening access to osteopathy within our local community, we have launched our sports partnership scheme. Similar to our community partnership scheme, which works with local businesses, the sports partnership us to offer osteopathic support and reduced price appointments to clubs, teams and gym...(more)

Peter Moores Foundation donates £10,000 to the BSO

Patients, staff and students from The British School of Osteopathy (BSO) were thrilled to begin 2013 with a £10,000 grant from the Peter Moores Foundation for their osteopathic clinics for people with HIV. ...(more)

Patient Stories: How osteopathy helped me cope with chronic pain from MS

PCL's story: “I first heard about the BSO because of information available in the Aylesbury Estate. I work as an information technician and it was refreshing to see an organisation who were providing information accessible to people who don’t have the internet. As an information technician, I thoroughly researched the clinic before booking an appointment. It ticked all the right boxes for me; user-friendly information, disabled access and most pleasingly, an inclusive mentality. Even the way the clinic is decorated is calming and caters for unspoken needs and hidden disabilities....(more)

Patient Stories: Osteopathy is good for the sole

I suffer from a knotted tendon in my foot and problems with my toe joint. The condition had ground my life to a halt- I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t dance, I couldn’t dig in the garden and I couldn’t walk without being in agony. A friend recommended I try the BSO clinic who said that not only was the treatment there very good, it was also very reasonably priced....(more)