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A new community partnership: Multiple System Atrophy Trust

We would like to welcome our new community partner, the Multiple Systems Atrophy Trust, to our community partnership scheme. Based locally in SE1, The MSA Trust is the UK’s only charity supporting people with the rare neurological disease, multiple system atrophy (MSA). MSA is a rare degenerative disease that leads to premature death. It causes problems with balance and movement and automatic bodily functions such as speech, bladder and blood pressure control. Some people with MSA say the disease ends up trapping them in their own body. About 3000 people in the UK, around 5 for every 100,000 are diagnosed with the disease each year....(more)

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5 ways dancers can reduce the risk of injury

This week's '5 ways' advice comes from final year student and sports massage practitioner, Toby Smith. In my previous career as a professional ballet dancer, I had my fair share of injuries. Now I near graduation and have finished my dissertation on dancers and their injuries, here are five things I wish I'd known sooner (or done better!)...(more)

Lutchman "Billy" Naidoo (1926-2014)

Billy Naidoo was perhaps the most gifted natural osteopathic technician of his generation: Swift of hand, graceful in operation and technically sophisticated. At a time when manipulation could be forceful and palpation, robust, Billy was a magician with subtlety and dexterity. To me, a rather gauche BSO student, he was resplendently attired in expensive suits, he exuded enormous charm and his speech was beautifully enunciated with humour....(more)

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Five ways to relieve neck pain

As part of our new patient advice blog, "5 Ways to...", guest blogger Claire Webster has focused on ways you can relieve neck pain using some simple stretches and exercises. These exercises shouldn't cause pain, if you experience a problem, stop the exercise and consult your Osteopath or other medical practitioner. If you have an existing complaint, it would be wise to consult your practitioner to check these exercises are appropriate for you....(more)

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Win an iPad through BSO Connect!

As one of the pioneers of our alumni network, you are invited to participate in the BSO Connect challenge! The challenge is to find every BSO Alumni and invite them to join BSO Connect. For every new alumni that signs up to BSO Connect as a result of your invitation, you will receive one raffle ticket....(more)

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