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Sports Conference 2014

On 8th November 2014, the British School of Osteopathy are hosting a multidisciplinary sports conference at our teaching centre in London. The day is designed for all manual therapists and medical professionals, and the speakers have a variety of interesting and unique backgrounds in their fields....(more)

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Potential Changes to CPD requirements

At the beginning of June, members of BSO staff were pleased to be involved in a session organised by Fiona Browne and colleagues at the GOsC to discuss their plans for assuring Continuing Fitness to Practise (CFP) in the profession. Although these plans are still draft and subject to consultation, everyone present felt it would be helpful to disseminate them as widely as possible, so that everyone within the profession would have the opportunity to input their views....(more)

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How can osteopathy help if you're pregnant?

During pregnancy, many women believe that simply putting up with their aches and pains is their only option. The body goes through drastic physiological changes and any existing musculoskeletal problems can be intensified by the changes that occur in posture and weight. In fact, osteopathy can really help to alleviate this pain and improve your well-being whilst pregnant....(more)

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Interview with Natasha Khan; Student Osteopath and Beach Tennis Champion

We are very lucky to have a great number of exceptional athletes amongst our student body. One such student is Natasha Khan, a current third year student and Great Britain Beach Tennis team member. We caught up with Natasha to learn more about beach tennis and balancing study with being a professional sportswoman. ...(more)

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Patient Satisfaction Survey 2014

In February 2014, we surveyed 437 of our patients to find out about their experiences of the BSO. We based our questionnaire on the GP Patient Satisfaction Survey, modifying the content slightly to reflect osteopathic practice rather than more general medical care....(more)

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