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Osteopathy for All: 1st Place Children's Centre

Children's clinicMany people believe osteopathy is only suitable for adults. They imagine injured rugby players, older people with joint pain and perhaps officer workers suffering from a ‘bad back’. However, babies and young children can also suffer from various musculo-skeletal conditions.

Although it is almost universally agreed that birth is a gruelling process for a woman’s body, it is easy to overlook the stress of labour on the infant. The labour process can be hard, subjecting the baby’s body to high pressure as it moves from the uterus and through the birth canal. After the birth, the baby may experience painful aches and strains that can be hard to diagnose and can go unnoticed.

Osteopathy relies on advanced palpation (touch) techniques, using the hands to treat and diagnose areas of discomfort. This form of diagnosis, along with very detailed case histories, works well with babies and children, reducing the need for verbal communication.  

At our Clinical Centre on Southwark Bridge Road, we have a long-established children's clinic that runs on three days during the week (link), providing high quality and good value care to babies, children and their parents. But the British School of  Osteopathy is committed to widening access to paediatric osteopathy, and bringing treatment to the parents and babies who might need it most.

We run a free osteopathy clinic at 1st Place Children’s Centre located within Burgess Park, Southwark. The clinic is open every Thursday from 10am to 1pm. The osteopathy clinic at1st Placeis managed by BSO tutors and students, treating children from birth to 5 years old. Appointments are made directly at the centre.

Since setting up the clinic, hundreds of local children have received free treatment to assist with conditions such as

•       Unsettled behaviour

•       Strains

•       Digestive problems

•       Ear/nose/throat complaints

 Andrea Rippe, Community Clinic Tutor, sums up the value of the BSO service at1st Place:

“The clinic at 1st Place is very popular with local parents, especially those with young babies. As well as treating the children, we are also ‘treating’ the parents, providing them with a place they can get advice and reassurance.”

We want to spread the word about our paediatric services and how osteopathy can help children and babies. If your child has benefitted from treatment, let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear your story!

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  1. Dawn Smith:
    Apr 29, 2012 at 09:46 PM

    My 16 year old son visited the Children's clinic at The British School of Osteopathy -After three sessions his symptoms have resolved. The experience was a good one for both of us, we found it a very friendly place and everyone was really helpful. I would recommend any parent taking their child for treatment there.

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