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Osteopathy for All: 1st Place Children's Centre

Many people believe osteopathy is only suitable for adults. They imagine injured rugby players, older people with joint pain and perhaps officer workers suffering from a ‘bad back’. However, babies and young children can also suffer from various musculo-skeletal conditions....(more)

The Lutchman and Luc Naidoo Room

The Lutchman and Luc Naidoo Room

On Monday, we had the honour of naming a room after one of our most notable alumini, Lutchman Naidoo and his son, Luc. The naming ceremony was attended by distinguished guests including Lady Audrey Percival, the Marchioness of Londonderry, Recent Gold Medallist Enda Butler, Principal Charles HUnt and proud members of the Naidoo family. ...(more)

Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community

Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community

On 29 November 2012, the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) won the coveted Times Higher Education award for Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community. The award related to our clinics which have offered thousands of free and subsidised treatments in one of London’s most disadvantaged areas....(more)

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Become a community partner and get discounted treatment for staff

Since 2009, the BSO has teamed up with local businesses and charities to provide discounted osteopathy treatment for their staff and volunteers. The scheme has been a great success and continues to grow each year. As we are a teaching organisation, there are no limits to the number of community partnerships- we need patients so our students can complete their training. ...(more)

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Get half price treatment and help our students further their education

We are currently taking bookings for half price appointments at the BSO as part of our student examination weeks. New patients (or those who haven't visited for the last six months) can book at various times of the day from 19-30 November 2012 and receive their initial consultation during the students' clinical examinations. Call for appointment availability on 020 7089 5360....(more)

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