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500 Club

I and a number of other staff, former students and friends of the BSO am doing my bit to help ensure that the BSO is able to complete the investment it has made in this tremendous new clinic, which is Europe's largest and is an architecturally inspiring and accessible space. We are members of a new supporters club, the BSO's 500 Club.

In return for a donation of £42 per month – which equates to the cost of one patient's monthly fees, the School will benefit by an annual donation of £500.

However, if 500 of us are able to sign up, and this is completely within the bounds of possibility, bearing in mind the number of BSO graduates in practice and supporters, the BSO could receive £250,000 per annum, and £1.5m if continued over five years, which would go a tremendous way to helping the BSO recoup the £3.1m it has spent on purchasing the new building. And, if you are higher rate tax payers, you can claim back £125 of your annual donation from HMRC.

The BSO has been around since 1917, withstanding war and austerity and with the help of those who have benefited from the training and offered by the BSO, we will be able to celebrate our centenary on a flourishing financial footing.

Please do join me if you can.

Dr Stephen Sandler

500 Club Members

We are very pleased to welcome the following members to 500 Club. Please find their details below.

BSO Staff and Faculty 500 Club members:

  • Charles Hunt
  • Dr Stephen Sandler
  • Steven Vogel
  • Nina Waters

Joining the 500 Club can make a fantastic contribution to the work of the BSO. Please complete this form and return it to the Fundraising Department.